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The Earthbound Games

By Earthbound on July 18, 2019 in Blog, Summer Camp

This summer our campers are participating each week in the Earthbound Games, it’s part of our 2019 initiative of celebrating the free spirit and teamwork of campers, counsellors and staff.

The Earthbound Games incorporates fun team challenges that are all about friendship, perseverance and teamwork. Each week four teams Earth, Fire, Water, Air are represented by campers of all ages from all programs. Being a good friend, comradery, finding clues, and camp wide activities are just some of the ways each team gains points! Teams can see their progress on our camp scoreboard!

Each week the games take on a different theme, and there’s no telling what’s coming next at the Earthbound Games!⁠


The Earthbound Games Scoreboard

The Earthbound Games Scoreboard