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Camp to Meet Your Child’s Needs

Low Counsellor to Child Ratios

Earthbound Kids offers additional support for children with varying exceptionalities and abilities. We offer alternative ratios within our regular programs so that your child can enjoy a positive experience at camp.

Ratios of 1:2 or 1:1 are available for all camp programs throughout the summer. The cost of a 1:1 shadow is an additional $300 per week. For a reduced ratio of 1:2 it is an additional $150 per week.

Once registered, the Camp Director will contact your family to set up a meeting to ensure the program offered at Earthbound Kids is a good fit for your child. The support staff will be trained on your child’s needs and abilities. There will be an open line of communication kept throughout the summer between parents, support staff and camp administration. To ensure a successful week at camp we limit the number of campers that can be placed in our integration program.

Please contact the Camp Director for additional information about this program at or by phone at 905-642-6087.